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Why is Ruby one of the most frequently chosen from the varied world of programming languages? What is the reason for creating a web app with the help of Ruby on Rails framework? Why do entrepreneurs around the world look for Ruby developers to build dedicated web software? Why both beginners and more advanced programmers should think about learning Ruby language and how does this knowledge will enrich their career path? 

hiring ruby on rails developers trends

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction.

2. Why is it worth hiring Ruby on Rails developers for your project?

3. Why Hiring Ruby on Rails Developer is a challenge?

4. Hiring Ruby on Rails Developers 2020 Trends.

5. Conclusion.



I want to answer all of these questions, simultaneously showing what are the most interesting hiring Ruby on Rails developers trends, and why you should care to have RoR devs in your app development team. In the beginning, let’s go through the facts about Ruby itself, therefore focusing on the advantages of having the Ruby on Rails developers in your team.


A small glimpse of facts and stats about Ruby:

✔ Ruby is becoming more and more popular language among IT professionals around the world,

✔ in the USA, there are almost 1 million live sites that were created using Ruby on Rails and that number is constantly growing up,

✔ some of the biggest and most remarkable companies decided to build their software using Ruby tech stack.

As examples, we want to mention Walmart, GitHub or Spotify.


After looking at these facts, important questions may arise...

▶ From an entrepreneur’s point of view: if the big companies have trusted Ruby and have built software from the beginning with it, why won’t I do the same? What are the things that stop me from hiring Ruby on Rails developers for my next app project?  

▶ From a developer’s perspective: if Ruby is more and more popular, maybe I should try it out? Demand for web applications using Ruby on Rails framework never runs out, so my career as a Ruby developer probably wouldn’t end fast too


The conclusions are only two: 

▶ For business owners: find the best top Ruby on Rails talent(s) to your business development 

▶ For those who are programmers: strive to become Ruby “champion” and not worry about your career! 


Actually, we’ve just recently posted a comprehensive guide on how to learn Ruby on Rails efficiently. Inside you will find most relevant books, podcasts, courses and much more. All recommended by 5 experienced RoR developers.

You can check it out here!


Why is it worth hiring Ruby on Rails developers for your project?


Ruby is a leading part of the tech stack in Railwaymen. Why the company founders decide to opt for that language as a leading one in 2009 - when the company was established? They probably felt the potential in it - and they weren’t wrong! Keep in mind that version 1.0. of Ruby on Rails framework was released in 2005! It was a pretty new thing at that time. Good choice, without a doubt! 

What has changed during those past years? Since 2005, we've gone through a few major versions up to 6.0 - the most recent one which showed up at the end of 2019.


More and more people have convinced that Ruby means stability, seamless maintenance, pure code writing, and in the result - really high-level users experience!


The community around RoR increases to bigger and bigger sizes day by day. Each person that would like to learn Ruby on Rails understands that technology creates a user-friendly app and framework provides a comprehensive, detailed guide for the beginners. The coding happens in a very gentle way.

Due to facts and proofs that Ruby on Rails is synonymous with the fast development process - hiring programmers associated with that tech stack may be the key to your company’s success. Sometimes a decision of choosing relevant technology for your application may influence how fast your business kick-off and what quality it will have. Save your time by selecting only Ruby on Rails experts. 

Depending on the project needs and scope of work - in some situations, cooperation with the whole team, instead of with the particular Ruby freelancer, brings more advantages.

An experienced tech team ensures a complex development process, but also many other benefits, such a: 

  • a comprehensive range of services provided by one team,
  • experience with various projects from various sectors,
  • full responsibility for delivering product: from idea to realization,
  • well designed development process and advanced security procedures implemented.

Summarizing, Ruby is not dead and in combination with the Rails framework may help your wish about creating your own web application to become true! With the help of professional, trained Ruby developers your app is within your reach. 

To start turning your idea into a web app you have to hire the greatest developers. Where to look for the best ones? In software companies that know how to hire and how to hold the best talents on the market. And despite their awareness that doing this is a huge challenge, they have the experience and capability to do that!


Why Hiring Ruby on Rails Developer is a challenge?


The searching and recruitment process is very complex and time-consuming. Especially for tech positions, where the programming knowledge is required. It is a really huge challenge to hire Ruby on Rails experts. That task should be entrusted to a software house that specializes in Ruby. 

How many stages does the recruitment process for Ruby on Rails developer contain? How many weeks does the process usually take? Let’s get it in one whole. 


An effective Ruby on Rails developers recruitment process phases 


✔ New needs & new vacancy appearing

The imminent kick-off of the new project is a relevant moment to start looking for a new developer. There are several other situations when additional support is needed: increasing tech team in an existing project or searching for the programmers that may be waiting for its start/beginning.


✔ Setting requirements and responsibilities for a new programmer

Before the job ad creation, the key point of the process is to prepare the list of duties and conditions to be fulfilled by the Ruby candidate. You can read more on how to prepare the job description here.

✔ Job offer preparation & publishing it on tech recruitment platforms, company career tab, other channels with good traffic stats

Good to check the conversion of the popular platforms with the job offers and choose the one with the best results and oriented to the tech positions. Railwaymen most frequently cooperate with justjoin.itnofluffjobs. Each time, we publish information about the new vacancy in our career tab.

Those main channels meet our recruitment requirements absolutely. 


✔ CV selection and filling the lack of candidate’s data

We are trying to verify the code that candidates build (commercial or amateur app). It happens that candidates send their CV without code or other important data. That phase is about completing all missing information and gaining the code examples to create a complete candidate profile.


✔ Code review

Our Senior Ruby on Rails developer checks the quality of the candidate’s code and decides if the candidate has a tech potential.


✔ Phone/skype interview 

HR Specialist verifies motivation and formal requirements to complete the review process.


✔ Technical interview in the office 

The candidate is invited to our office. During the 60 minutes conversation, we do all the best to find the answer to the question: does that one fit well to Railwaymen? :)


✔ Decision & feedback

The decision about the result of the recruitment process is forwarded to the candidate by the HR Specialist or directly by our CEO. 


The time needed to complete the recruitment process: “from soup to nuts


We usually estimate that the time from the job offer publishing to signing a contract with the candidates takes about 4 weeks. That time may be significantly extended or be shortened - that thing depends on various factors. 

As you surely observed, tech specialist recruitment is a very advanced and time absorbing process. It’s better to trust a tech company and hire checked, well-qualified Ruby on Rails developers from it than looking for them on your own. 


Hiring Ruby on Rails Developers 2020 Trends


hiring ruby on rails trends


How do the recruitment trends look like in 2020? Especially when it comes to hiring Ruby on Rails Developers? Which external tools are working in recruitment processes? How to attract the best talents on the market?


Trend #1 Coding platform to optimize the recruitment process


A more and more popular tool in the HR experts community becomes a platform that allows checking the quality of the candidate’s code. That is the perfect solution when it comes to Ruby on Rails developer’s recruitment process too. We may list several platforms for coding & skills assessing but their subscription and features offers are varied. The ones worth to check are: DevskillerCoderbyteCodility. What kind of advantages does that solution bring? 


✔ shortened time spent on the recruitment process

✔ better screening of programmers skills and knowledge

✔ list of ready-made coding tasks with the various technologies, frameworks

✔ live coding in real-time


Trend #2 Descriving Required tech stack that will bring the best talents


Ruby on Rails Developer should have complex knowledge not only of Ruby language and Ruby on Rails framework. Well described list of the preferred technology stack is the main and first step to hiring the best talent. To find out what kind of skills and knowledge Ruby programmers should have, check our career tab and a job offer.

 We especially encourage having a look at: “nice to have skills”. 


Trend #3 Benefits tailored to Ruby developers needs


Hiring the best talent on the market isn’t a simple task. Employers are “fighting” for the best Ruby on Rails Developer right now. How to attract “the champion” programmer? Sports Card and/or lunchroom aren't sufficient now.

The good social package should be tailored to the IT engineer’s needs. Their aim is to feel finance stability, flexibility, and a friendly atmosphere. Our experiences show that developers are more motivated when the company provides them training packages and other benefits such as a: healthcare pack. Each software house has to find its own idea of how to attract candidates. 



Summarizing, it is worth to have Ruby on Rails Developers in your team & project. Don’t waste your time looking for web professionals on your own. Trust good qualified Ruby “champions” that have comprehensive knowledge and experience in working in similar projects like yours.

Check our portfolio and see be yourself, what amazing projects you can develop by having some great Ruby on Rails developers on board!

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