Railwaymen mobile team would like to share with you a few tips, that are important esepcially when you design mobile application. User Experience is an issue you can not avoid. Many times the succes of an app is also definied because of a good UX too. Even when the devices are different with iOS or Android, there are some things that are useful for both!

Have you ever wondered how users carry and hold a smartphone? How and where to use it? The answer seems to be obvious: keep it in your hand, rushing out into the unknown, on the occasion of performing many other tasks.

Statistics and trends 

Harvard Business Review magazine shows that 68% of the time on the smartphone is spent at home on the couch. Most of the time users spend on playing games, watching funny videos or reading and writing on social media platforms.

How the users hold the smartphones?

  • holding in one hand using a thumb
  • holdig in both hands, using both thumbs
  • holding one hand but using a forefinger

The important thing to point out is also the fact, that most devices can be rotated to the landcape mode. This mode gives more ways to interact. The user can switch from one mode to another. Software design should take into account many different ways of user interaction with the device. The usage of responsive layout that reacts with the screen, depending on the orientation of the device. If that is not enough, perhaps it will be necessary to circumvent inability to lock screen rotation in your browser mobile page by adding a script that displays information that the mobile page is only available in vertical mode. 

What else?

The minimum recommended size of the button should be 7 mm. The optimum size of the button should be 9 mm. You should also remember to keep appropriate distance between buttons.

These small issues can remind you important things when you start  the next mobile project.