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Did you know that Netflix started in 1997 with shipping DVDs? After 2007 the company transformed its business model and introduced online streaming content. Sure, it required a strong development background, but since that day, the number of users constantly grows. Right now, Netflix mobile app in Google Play achieved more than 8,4 million downloads. This success is impressive.




Online presence supported by software suited to business needs can have a significant impact on company development and resolve many problems. In fact, every industry could be driven by software, small businesses also. We want to prove that by delivering you a free PDF showing some great examples of how apps can make running online business much easier.

Table of Contents:

1. Why is it worth moving your business into the online world?

Why is it worth moving your business into the online world?

There are many reasons why software products are needed and implemented in so many business areas. Properly selected software can improve sales, solve problems, provide new marketing channels, optimize company finance, build a loyal audience, generate leads, and many more. In short, it can push your business to another level. I dare to say that our modern society forces industries to implement the software. You just have to be where your clients are, and it is most likely that they are already Internet users. PayPal discovered that in 2001, the company changed the business course and, in a few years, became the biggest online payment system. What was the secret of this success? They responded to market needs at a proper time. 

Nowadays, the market entry barrier is not as impassable as in previous years. That means to run a successful business, you need to be one step ahead of competitors, and software can help you do that. Travel, Music, Leisure, Telecommunications, Industry, Retail - those industries had to move online in our last decade. This trend will catch more and more industries.

The pandemic of coronavirus COVID-19 showed us that in many cases online business is necessary to survive. Remote work, virtual education, or even telemedicine became a reality. It seems that if you have an opportunity to run a business through the Internet, you have to do it immediately.


Right now, it is possible to choose between commercial or custom IT products. Sometimes the decision is not so obvious. The market is full of options and ideas, and it could be overwhelming. As application development experts, we had prepared a free PDF showing some great examples of apps that make running an online company much easier. I hope it will be inspiring for you!




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