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The construction industry has been booming for some time. This trend will continue for a long time to come, according to expert predictions. For this reason, many companies are opting for digital solutions. This is all to open their business to new opportunities.

That's why we decided to analyse this market by apps. We prepared a list of the best, in our opinion, applications for the construction industry in 2024. Here are the solutions that have great potential.

Table of Contents:

1. Uber on special terms (Payload).

2. Customer contact has never been easier (Buildertrend).

3. Make sure everything is in right place (Procore).

4. Organise your team from anywhere (Connecteam).

5. Manage construction tenders (SmartBid).

6. Software that affects the estimation (ProEst).

7. Find trustworthy suppliers through a tendering platform (ProTenders).

8. Control project costs without spreadsheets (Planyard).

9. Summary.

Uber on special terms (Payload)

It's hard to find a person who has not used Uber. And for sure the one who has never heard about such an application. The tool that facilitates car rides has changed modern transport. The same could be with the Payload app. Payload is the American alternative to Uber for the construction sector.  The tool enables delivery of construction tools and materials to a workplace. As is well known, deadlines in the construction industry are very important. Thus, this solution saves time and provides the necessary items for work.

Customer contact has never been easier (Buildertrend)

Another position belongs to Buildertrend, which makes project management simpler. It allows users to receive bids from clients, communicate with them. Buildertrend also enables you to receive signatures from clients. This solution is ideal for smaller companies that are in contact with clients every day. The application, apart from many functionalities, also has integrations with QuickBooks and Xero. These facilities make financial issues not a problem for users.


construction industry

Make sure everything is in right place (Procore)

Procore is another management support. The application guarantees access to all documentation, plans and schedules. And all this in real time. Employees as well as senior representatives have everything they need with Procore. With cloud access, it only takes a moment to get everything you required. The app collects e.g. all specifications, photos, submissions, project plans. One advantage is the integration with ExakTime, a time management tool.

Organise your team from anywhere (Connecteam)

Being a good leader isn't only good attitude. It's also about being able to delegate responsibilities among all your colleagues. The creators of Connecteam are well aware of this. They created a work management application for the construction industry. The tool allows you to run your company from anywhere. Communication with the team, time tracking, shift planning are only a few features it has. With Connecteam, every day in your company can be easier.

Manage construction tenders (SmartBid)

Managing is a process that involves more than organizing work and staff. These are measures that also concern the control of tenders. SmartBid is an application designed to simplify the pre-construction process. An extra feature is the improvement of communication between contractors and subcontractors. Sharing project documents or sending invitations to tender has never been so easy. The tool can cooperate with Procore and Stack applications.




Railwaymen also have an impact on the construction industry. We present solutions that may well prove crucial for many businesses in 2024. Meet ProEst and ProTenders.

Software that affects the estimation (ProEst)

Cloud-based construction software known as ProEst combines several areas of project management. It helps define special methods for preparing bidding estimates. It allows clients to customize the estimation and design processes. Software allows you to customize work processes based on client preferences. It's also possible to develop visual tools to assist in defining such structures. Private and public construction companies, large and well-known, use ProEst.

Find trustworthy suppliers through a tendering platform (ProTenders)

When you're looking to grow your construction business, expand to new markets, find new products, or streamline your tendering process, ProTenders is the best option. You can submit a tender offer on the platform in a fast, convenient, and, most importantly, safe manner. Creating a company profile will allow you to keep statistics on your recipients, create product catalogs and present your accomplishments. ProTenders allows taking business to the next level.

Control project costs without spreadsheets (Planyard)

Another software worth noting is Planyard. It allows you to track project profitability projections and also estimates costs in real time. Using this tool is a step towards automating data in the enterprise. The advantage of Planyard is the ability to give every employee access to the necessary data. It's a platform that works well regardless of project size or level of sophistication. Moreover, it can be integrated with many useful tools.


As you can see, 2024 brings quite a few opportunities for the construction industry. The competition for the best app for the industry is beginning. Besides, there are quite a few proven tools on the market that can impact the work of many companies. Who knows, maybe one of the listed software will be the best app for construction industry in 2024.