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Last week we have visited Kielnarowa, a small village nearby Rzeszów.  Between meadows and forest, in Centre for Tourism and Recreation WSISiZ InternetBeta conference was held. We arrived on Wednesday 10th of September in early morning, just in time to watch the first speech. This was unique time when representatives of various fields and industries related to the Internet and new technologies meet in one place to discuss many important issues concerning their jobs and conducted projects. It is really amazing that there is so many people to whom the web is the natural environment to work.

Table of Contents:

1. The InternetBeta Conference.

2. Summary.

The InternetBeta Conference

The InternetBeta Conference is a kind of special bridge between marketers, investors, interactive and advertising agencies, application developers and startups. 

People come there  for the great content of the speeches and also to establish new contacts and in a good atmosphere. It is clear that integration is an important element of this conference.  Evening parties after all days of speecjes are unique, and new friendships are made during those meetings.
InternetBeta inspires, helps broaden horizons and provide a meeting place for interesting people.

This year we could meet 87 lecturers. Among them we could here speech of Paweł Tkaczyk that open InternetBeta Conference. Paweł Sala from Freshmail told about importance of big data: "Big data - big problem or big chance" and Roman Lodziński was talking  many ways of working on the online business. Yuri Drabent learnt how to use social media channels to handle unusual campagnies even if we think it is not a good idea. On the other hand it is really good that some of the lecturers provided their speech on slideshare.net, but it is pitty that the speeches weren't recorded. Many would like to get back to them.


internetbeta2014 Railwaymen sylwia bień-chudarek internetbeta2014 Railwaymen sylwia bień-chudarek


InternetBeta 2014 is behind us. Now, we are wating until next year. We hope, that it will be also exciting, full of knowledge and innovation conference!