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Krakow has become the greatest place for technology business in Poland last time. The word “startup” exists in our life day by day and grow up many times in real products that are offered by companies. I would like to point out three important issues that you have to remember when you create tech start-up.

Table of Contents:

1. Do you have a problem?

2. Why?

3. How to prevent?

4. Everybody tells that your idea is great and they will use your solution. Let’s start the work!

5. Your startup is ready! What now?

Do you have a problem?

It is said that one of ten ideas ends with success. Secret is hidden in it that you never know which one is the proper! Maybe the third project brings you a few millions or just the tenth. The key thing in the beginning is searching the market and asking your consumers that are for you also the users.


You have to be sure that your idea solves the real existing problem! One of the most popular reason of project’s fall is its uselessness. It doesn’t matter how great the design is, and this that the product is free e.g to download from iTunes. If it’s useless, people won’t buy it.

How to prevent?

Make surveys! Ask your friends if the tool you would like to deliver is good for them and will make their lives easier. Prepare online questionnaires with various enquiries. Use the crowdsourcing and solutions that provides you social media.


startup survey railwaymen startup survey railwaymen


Everybody tells that your idea is great and they will use your solution. Let’s start the work!

You have your team: developers and designers. This is really important to plan the designing part correctly. There is nothing worse than good idea connected with bad UI /UX. If you won’t take care about this issue your project will be in danger of failure.


startup survey UI/UX startup survey UI/UX


Your startup is ready! What now?

Remember that no one is looking for you. You have to show yourself and your idea to the people that they can find you. Poor marketing and negligence of Public Relations activities can also badly affect the project. One of very good steps is attending the conferences and meetings.

If you can, provide to your startup even very small sales department. You don’t need maybe Key Account Manager in the beginning but the good salesman is really treasure. Create the connection of profitable contacts. At last, focus on your goals and soon you gain your first 1000 customers.

Write a blog, share your work and passion with others. Tell the world you exist!

Now you know three good tips about creating tech startups. It is time to work!