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2019 has come to an end and we will definitely remember it for a long time. Our company 10th birthday, international technology fairs that we’ve attended and endless lines of code, that our developers wrote tirelessly - oh boy, what a year it was!


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If you are curious, what exactly happened in the previous year in our company and want to see all of the relevant data & infographics - check this article!

 This piece on the other hand, is dedicated to our blog activities only. But trust us - a lot happened here as well!

In comparison to 2018, our company website traffic grew by an impressive 165 % - and we did that with almost none investments in paid ads! So how did we achieved that score? The answer is simple - content marketing. We’ve significantly raised our blog activity, publishing 24 articles about ruby on rails, mobile development, business, marketing, project management and more. And we’re just getting started, planning to beat that number in 2020.

For those of you who haven’t been here through the entire 2019 - no worries, we’ve prepared for you a list of 5 articles that will make you instantly up-to-date! We chose them based on the views number that each of them got. We’ll present you them in reverse order - from the on that got the least views (still 5 best of 24!) to the one, that hit the lottery this year. So, I’m wishing you a great lecture and hoping you will stay with us through the exciting and unknown year 2020 - cheers!

Table of Contents:

1. 5th place - When Money Isn't Enough: the Most Expensive Apps that Failed.

2. 4th place - Ruby vs. PHP - Which One Is Right for Your Project?

3. 3rd place - 8 Ruby on Rails Books You Should Read to Become a Better Developer.

4. 2nd place - What do Basecamp, Github and Twitch have in common? They Are Top-Notch Ruby on Rails Examples.

5. 1st place - 10 Ruby on Rails Blogs You Should Be Following.

6. Conclusion.

#5th place - When Money Isn't Enough: the Most Expensive Apps that Failed


expensive app failure 4-1


We LOVE to read about failures - as long as they happened to others, not us. We should treat them as valuable lessons, that even if now we’re at the top - we can easily hit the ground with the wrong business decisions. Especially when it comes to the complex and unpredictable world of technology startups & app development that sentence is true.

In this article, we’ve listed for you 4 companies where each of them lost more than $50 M in funding — that’s CRAZY big! Alongside with the history of their failure & interesting statistics, we give you 5 tips on how to not follow their footsteps.



Check the whole article here.


#4th place - Ruby vs. PHP - Which One Is Right for Your Project?


ruby vs php 2-2


The endless battle between those two programming languages ends now as we decided to finally answer the question: which one is better? Even though our hearts beat faster for Ruby, our RoR Developer Tomek has prepared for you a detailed comparison between those two very popular web and app development languages.

When writing this article he took into consideration many different factors. Which one is faster? Which one is better for MVP? Which one has got a better community? If you want to know the answer for these, and many more questions


read the whole piece here.


h2 id="p3">#3rd place - 8 Ruby on Rails Books You Should Read to Become a Better Developer


ruby on rails books 3-1


If you want to be a good Ruby on Rails developer you need to deepen your knowledge with each day. Practice and coding some real products are a great way to do that but without some theoretical background, it will be hard for you to learn how to think like a programmer. This is where a well-written book comes in handy!

This list of 8 ruby on rails books will help you to distinguish real masterpieces from the sea of mediocre publications. They will give you backgrounds which if you develop right, will transform you into a true kick-ass programmer in no time!


See all of them listed here.


#2nd place - What do Basecamp, Github and Twitch have in common? They Are Top-Notch Ruby on Rails Examples


ruby on rails apps examples 2-2


When you think about application written in Ruby on Rails you probably don’t think about the most recognizable ones. That’s wrong! Do Basecamp, Twitch or Github ring a bell? Those are just some of the examples, on how with the help of RoR you can develop beautiful and fully functional applications.

In this article, we’re not only giving you examples of the most popular apps written in ruby on rails but also mention this language advantages, that convinced the app owners to go with this language in the first place.


All of this available here!


#1st place - 10 Ruby on Rails Blogs You Should Be Following


ruby on rails blogs-3


And here it is, the most popular article on our blog in 2019! And it is about… blogs. Specifically - ruby on rails blogs. We’ve gathered for you a list of 10 blogs, that following is a must-have if you want to be up-to-date with your RoR knowledge. For example, did you know, that Ruby on Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson runs his own blog? And he shares his knowledge here entirely for free!

Ruby on Rails community is one of this framework’s biggest advantages. RoR devs are eager to help their fellow programmers and share their knowledge on blogs, subreddits or newsletters.


Check them all here and never miss anything from the RoR world!



Having the occasion we want to thank you all for being with us through this exciting 2019. We're not slowing down but on the contrary - we plan to constantly deliver you a fresh, relevant and based on our professional experience app development knowledge.

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