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Saudi Arabia, like the entire GCC region, is currently experiencing a rise in business applications. Mobile solutions of all kinds are particularly popular. Their role is not only limited to the development of existing services, but primarily to market expansion. They are intended to enable companies to have an attractive space to do business based on modern technologies. Growing interest translates directly into more users. This phenomenon wants to take advantage of companies from various industries, who are adjusting their communication language and preparing dedicated products and services for this purpose.


In this article, I will try to give an insight into the conditions of entrepreneurs operating in Saudi Arabia and how the trend of mobile application development translates into business in the region.

Table of Contents:

  1. Expanding Reach and Developing Company Visibility
  2. Improving User Experience and Operational Efficiency
  3. Factors influencing app development in Saudi Arabia
  4. The concept of Public Sector Digitalization
  5. Success stories of App Development in Saudi Arabia
  6. Personalization as a Key Factor of Successful App Development
  7. What does the future hold for app development in Saudi Arabia?
  8. Meet App Developers from Railwaymen for whom the GCC Region has no secrets

Expanding Reach and Developing Company Visibility

One of the roles of apps is to enable companies to reach potential audiences directly yet instantly. Today's customers use smartphones and other mobile devices as their main sources for obtaining information and making purchases. For companies operating in Saudi Arabia, it is important to stand out from the available competition by creating personalized offers and activities to build brand awareness among the community. To this end, mobile apps are being used, among other things, to provide notifications that inform users about current promotions and at the same time spark a desire to use the company's services. Also, the interaction between the two parties creates trust and an inclination for the customer to choose products and services from a familiar company in the event of a consumer dilemma.

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Improving User Experience and Operational Efficiency

It's probably hard to point to a mobile app user who doesn't pay attention to the experience offered to them by the product. A well-designed app is first and foremost one that is functional and enables the recipient to perform an action in just a few steps. Middle Eastern companies undertake digitalization often to improve existing operational processes. To do so, they choose to use in-depth data analysis, or at least implement sophisticated reporting systems. Such measures enable Saudis to react quickly to changing business realities and make key business decisions more efficiently.

Factors influencing app development in Saudi Arabia

One of the reasons for the popularity of apps among the Saudi public is primarily due to the growing number of smartphone users. Users, along with digitalization, expect accessibility to the services they need at their fingertips. To this end, businesses are trying to meet the demands of their audience by preparing functional solutions for both business and personal use.

Another factor to consider is the growth of technology startups in the GCC region. Saudi Arabia has been opening up to modern technology in recent years while supporting local technology businesses. The exploration of new opportunities in mobility makes the country an attractive destination for startups.

Among the industries enjoying the highest adoption of mobile applications in recent years are e-commerce and delivery services. Making online purchases via smartphones is one of the areas that Saudis have taken a liking to. It's also a course that companies have set themselves for further exploration in the coming years. As with e-commerce, activities in the financial area are of major interest. FinTech projects involving mobile payments and wallet management are highly requested by the community there. Similarly, any examples of educational solutions influencing personal development and allowing easy access to gain knowledge from new areas of interest.

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The concept of Public Sector Digitalization

Saudi Arabia has been leaning toward digitalization in the public sector in recent years as well. The driving force behind the change is the idea of a digital state, i.e. the involvement of citizens in initiatives that take advantage of the possibilities of mobile services. The government in Riyadh, interested in concepts used in Europe, including but not limited to Poland, has decided to take steps to open the public to modern ideas in finance, banking, as well as administration. Among Saudi Arabia's more than 30 million citizens, a large percentage of the population is open to change and willing to adapt to digital reality. They are referred to as a "sleeping giant" for good reason.

Success stories of App Development in Saudi Arabia

The development of digital solutions in the Kingdom is not just a song of the future. It's also quite a few cases of companies that have succeeded at the current stage of digitalization of domestic businesses. Here are a few examples of companies in the Middle East for whom mobile apps have proven to be a springboard for prospering careers. 

STC Pay is an example of an application in the area of finance, which was developed by Saudi Telecom Company. STC Pay owes its success to its ability to make mobile payments, make money transfers, or at least automate bill payments. It is a financial platform that in a short period of time has conquered the local market, directly influencing the improvement of Saudi financial services and enhancing digital banking capabilities.

In a country where culinary is a cultural cornerstone, an app for ordering food online and managing the ordering service is an ideal concept. The recipe for the Shawarmer's success turned out to be a combination of tradition and modernity, allowing users to select a meal of interest from a wide database of restaurants at any time. Thanks to intuitive interfaces and a well-thought-out user path, the process itself is extremely simple and requires little time to complete.

Public transportation is a topic of much discussion in many countries. Morni is an example of an app that allows Saudis to rent cab vehicles and observe their location in real time. It is a solution that is an alternative to using one's own means of transportation. Morni allows users to pay their fares via mobile payments, making it, like the most well-known transportation apps, extremely convenient to travel.

Alamar is a leading quick service restaurant operator in Saudi Arabia whose app aims to streamline the food ordering process. One of the solution's conveniences is an advanced e-wallet that enables fast and secure transactions for take-out orders. Alamar also has integration with Moyasar payments, which for users in the GCC region is a guarantee of quality and secure service. 

Haraj is a well-known e-commerce website that enables users to buy and sell a variety of goods, including both new and used goods. Users have an easy way to interact with sellers and uncover tempting bargains thanks to the app. Haraj has aided in the expansion of online trade and gives regional business owners access to a broad market.

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Personalization as a Key Factor of Successful App Development

Technologies used in applications give users a wide range of possibilities. One of them is personalization of services. It is especially important when the application's capabilities are aimed directly at a specific user. In this case, it is necessary to properly collect data and target the needs of each recipient. Among the services that use personalization effectively are all kinds of medical applications that include a patient account or e-commerce platforms that suggest products worth buying.

What does the future hold for app development in Saudi Arabia?

The coming years promise to be extremely promising for citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The trend toward the digitalization of businesses will gain momentum by giving recipients of various services additional opportunities. The current business landscape will be influenced by new factors in the form of artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, and blockchain, which is popular in the case of cryptocurrencies. Businesses of all sizes will score growth, and one of the most desirable business traits will be the ability to adapt to new realities. In this way, the GCC region's market is likely to become more competitive than before.

Meet App Developers from Railwaymen for whom the GCC Region has no secrets

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