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Building a website is a process that can be done in many ways. And while there are many well-trodden paths that developers follow, a lot of recognition is generated by out-of-the-box solutions. Building a website is a process that can be done in many different programming languages. And while there are many well-trodden paths that developers follow, a lot of recognition is generated by out-of-the-box solutions. Such an example, for example, is the creation of websites using Ruby on Rails framework. Here are a handful of details to keep in mind before choosing Ruby programming language to create your own site.

The reason behind using Ruby and Ruby on Rails?

The choice of Ruby and its framework Ruby on Rails is most often associated with application development. Nevertheless, the advantages in terms of simplicity and performance of the Ruby language make Ralis websites increasingly popular. Ruby's advantage over many languages is evident in the level of sophistication. Rails developers do not need to have a huge amount of experience to create a project thanks to the advantages of their learned language. Ruby on Rails framework is especially valued by entrepreneurs who decide to go into early stage startups. The main reason why they decide to create an application based on this framework is value for money. When it comes to site building, the motives are slightly different.

rails applications

What drives to create websites in Ruby?

The most common reason for web development in Ruby is time saving. Rails websites can be created in up to half the time it takes with the most popular tools. This is due to a leaner code base, a module-based structure and ready-made plug-ins provided by the Rails community. Another advantage is constant development. The previously mentioned global community provides constant feedback, which translates into regular updates. Developing Ruby on Rails websites, although not among the cheapest solutions, is very cost-effective. The framework itself is open source, so you don't have to pay additional fees. What's more, the size of the cost is influenced by the fast development cycle. As a result, the project does not lose quality, performance or scalability.

Web development in Rails: for which industries is it a good idea?

Rails websites can have many uses. They are great as an online marketplace, e-commerce platform or social media platform. Appreciated by the financial sector, e-commerce industry and even among community responsible for SaaS projects. Of course, there are some limitations that make Rails development in some cases not recommended. These apply, for example, in cases where a large amount of memory is required or

Best sites built in Ruby on Rails framework

It's very difficult to specify the most famous example of a site created in Rails. On the world market you can find many examples of solutions based on Ruby technology. In preparing this blog post, I succeeded in identifying several popular sites that benefit from Rails. Here are some of the most popular Ruby sites.


Who hasn't heard of the most popular app for travel lovers. Airbnb is one of the largest startups in the world, whose website was worked on by Rails developers. The portal offers interesting recommendations and accommodation deals from all over the world. Available in 191 countries and constantly growing in popularity among users, Airbnb is a kind of showcase for projects using Ruby.

airbnb web app


It's hard to imagine software development without taking advantage of GitHub's capabilities. This tool can be described as the most popular software hosting service with a gigantic open source library. The driving force behind it on the back-end side is Ruby. Many developers can't imagine working without drawing on GitHub's capabilities.



Ruby code is also present in the best-known streaming platform for gamers. Twitch is an example of a solution whose tech stack includes the Ruby on Rails framework. From conception to the present day, it has grown to a sizable size becoming an international streaming giant.

twitch social network


The last Rails-based product I'd like to talk about is Shopify. It's an e-commerce platform that unites more than 600,000 selling users. The initial technology stack of Shopify couldn't miss Ruby on Rails. At present, the platform can be counted among the best websites related to the e-commerce industry.

shopify online stores

Does it make sense to create Rails websites?

Both Rails applications and websites require a customized approach by the client and developers. Depending on the assumptions made about the project and the capabilities of the client, a decision is made on the appropriate framework. In the case of Ruby on Rails you are dealing with a solution appreciated by many entrepreneurs. This is a proven framework, which even in the case of website development can positively surprise with its result. In addition, it is supported by a community of users who are constantly on the lookout to ensure that its development continues.

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