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It has been a special day on December 5th in view of the fact that the largest Polish programming conference took place in Krakow. Together with Railwaymen team, we spent the whole day on interesting workshops and lectures concerning IT world.

Table of Contents:

1.  Workshops and lectures concerning IT world.

2. Are you considering working in the IT industry?

3. Summary.

Workshops and lectures concerning IT world

The first lecture we got into was about “How to build a Robot!” by Allen O’Neill (Consulting Engineer @ IdeaShelf). Although the subject sounds like a rocket science for non-technical people, the speaker made out a case that this is feasible for everyone! In today’s world there are no barriers to build a Robot and we can get all parts at a really low price, the whole action requires only your willingness and creativity. The most important clue - remember to keep it simple and functional, your Robot doesn’t need to look and move like Michael Jackson in “Smooth Criminal”. Now we are sure it’s worth a try (Railwaymen’s Robot is coming soon... :)).


The second one, also delivered by Allen O’Neill, concerned the most popular Web Browsers (“So, how do Google, Bing and Yahoo work?”). Thanks to this lecture we had a chance to hear more about Data Mining, Machine Learning - the top of tech topics these days. We saw the working mechanism of mentioned web browsers. How to crawl a website the right way? That’s not a problem! Allen also spoke about the best web crawling techniques… Unfortunately, we had limited time but we suppose there are much more aspects to bring up!


Are you considering working in the IT industry?

Have you ever thought about future IT careers? Possibly it’s a perfect moment for you to analyse the subject. Thankfully we had the opportunity to hear discussion about the best development directions nowadays. The participants Piotr Madej (Vice-President and Head of Telemedicine and Medical Devices, R&D Department @ Comarch Healthcare) and Przemysław Berendt (Global Marketing Vice-President @ Luxoft) talked about the most important skills people need to develop and possibilities in the near future. They mentioned Data Science, Machine Learning as subjects to consider and we totally agree with this view (especially after preceding lecture).

The number of workshops and lectures was impressive as well. Too bad that the conference lasts only one day! It was a hard task to decide on which lecture/workshop to go. Everyone had a chance to find something interesting and broaden horizons.