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The most popular internet search engine - Google celebrates the 18th birthday today. It's hard to imagine modern Internet without Google. This true icon of the IT industry. There is hardly a person in the world who regularly use the Internet and do not hear about the best search engine in history, system maps and GPS services, translator, analysis tools, and content management, e-mail, or hundreds of other services offered by the company. Learn more about the history of Google.


Google's 18th birthday

Table of Contents:

1. Google as a company.

2. The History of Google.

3. Summary.

Google as a company

At the beginning of a short description of the company. Google was founded in the United States - the founders of the company are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The company globally employs over 54 000 employees, generating profits in recent years at the level of 14 billion dollars (mostly from advertising campaigns AdWords and AdSense). Over the last 11 years, Google has grown on an unimaginable scale and took over 102 companies, including, among others: Android, Youtube, Double Click, AdMob.

The History of Google

Larry and Sergey met in 1995 at Stanford University. Young students quickly found a common language and decided to develop together a project which later revolutionized our perception of the Internet.

For a real revolution came in 1997, when Sergey and Larry came up with the solution brilliant in its simplicity. They decided to create a ranking that based on various factors (the number of external links, news content, etc.) Will assess the value of the hand, which in turn will result in setting it on the corresponding position in the search results of specific keywords. In this way, he stood PageRank - the best and most efficient search algorithm in the world.


It is worth remembering that Google "was created with the incorrect recording of the word" googol ", denoting the number 10100 (in a decimal skiff and 100 zeros).

Student project which tested the new algorithms quickly grew and began to cause problems for Stanford administrators. Page and Brin rented a garage so famous today in the California town of Menlo Park. Supported the co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim of Sun Microsystems. In total, investors had put up $ 1.1 million. The problem was that Google did not even exist. It was founded only in 1998. In 1999, 8 employees finally moved from the garage into rented offices in Palo Alto, and their career took dizzying pace.