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Modern technology gives us many business opportunities. It is increasingly difficult to find a person who does not have a smartphone with internet access. Moreover, users of mobile phones are spending more and more time online. Such observations do not go unnoticed by entrepreneurs, who try to use the mentioned facts in the business they manage. This article answers the frequently asked question - How can a mobile app become a game charger?

Table of Contents:

1. Growing potential of mobile apps among device owners.

2. Task resolution - achieve your goals.

3. Loyalty apps - keep your audience engaged.

4. Entertainment apps - interest and gather the community.

5. Customer Service apps and Chatbots - solve problems and deliver solutions.

6. Content apps - create personalised content for your audience.

Growing potential of mobile apps among device owners

Citing GSMA research, as many as 5.27 billion people have access to mobile devices. Worldwide, the share of mobile device owners is 66.85%, and it is growing every year. These results show how great the potential of mobile applications is in any region of the world. For this reason, more and more enterprises decide to create them in order to gain a competitive advantage and reach a wider range of potential customers. However, in order to convince customers, it is necessary to have a precise plan of how our application should look like, which functionalities it should have and, most importantly, to what group of customers it should reach.



Task resolution - achieve your goals

Mobile applications can be divided by the type of purpose. The first of these is task resolution. This approach is particularly good for applications that make it easier for the user to perform tasks. Their advantages are accessibility, functionality and simplicity of operation. Users decide to use them because they want to be able to plan freely and be reminded of the goals they have set

An example of an app that enables planning is AppleSeeds. It's a platform that supports all-in-one play spaces for families with children newborn to five, located in New York City. Among the many features of AppleSeeds is the scheduler, which is responsible for creating schedules, planning classes or even allocating employees to the right places

Loyalty apps - keep your audience engaged

Another type of app that can prove to be a game changer in business are loyalty apps. These are most commonly found in supermarkets, drugstores and many service outlets. Their role is to create a kind of bond between the company and the customer, cemented by loyalty packages that allow the user to obtain benefits in the form of special promotions or goods in return for regular use of the company's services.

Railwaymen also has a loyalty app in its portfolio. Rally Charge is a project designed for users who want to charge their mobile device in public spaces. One of the many conveniences of the project is the ability to collect points in exchange for each charging process. Once enough points have been collected, users can exchange them for gifts. For more details on the functionality of the application, we encourage you to read the case study.



Entertainment apps - interest and gather the community

Game changers for the enterprise can be entertainment apps. These are platforms that provide leisure content and engage the community. Reaching a large group of recipients and engaging them to use the application may be connected with building the brand image and at the same time translate into interest in its activity. Interaction with social media is also an added advantage, increasing the reach of users.

When describing entertainment apps, Akuarella is worth mentioning. It is a solution that unites the parenting community. Parents want to capture almost every moment in their child's life with photos. Unfortunately, not every child is able to concentrate long enough to present themselves well in a photograph. The answer to this problem is Akuarella, a photo app that engages children to concentrate. Thanks to a few seconds of animations presented on the screen, the child is able to concentrate before the picture is taken. Akuarella has an editing mode and allows projects to be shared on social media. All funds raised by the app go to St. Jude Children's Hospital in Tennessee, USA. For more details on the functionality of the application, we encourage you to read the case study.

Customer Service apps and Chatbots - solve problems and deliver solutions

Customer communication is extremely important in any workplace. Especially in the digital age, quick customer contact is crucial. This is why quite a few companies choose to support the dialogue with the customer service apps and chatbots. Railwaymen also meets the expectations of modern customers, as evidenced by the Railwaymen Frequently Asked Questions bot. It is an intelligent AI knowledge base on the website that makes getting the answers you need simple. Visit the site Our AI Knowledge Base and test the capabilities of our bot.

Content apps - create personalised content for your audience

The last type of app that can have a significant impact on your business is a content app. This form of app allows users to stay up to date with the content creator. An additional advantage is the user's focus on the creator's content. This avoids distractions such as those found on social media sites. Content apps are great for influencers, bloggers and other creative people who want to share their thoughts with followers.


Why can a mobile app become a game changer?

As you can see, implementing a mobile app in your business can bring many benefits and become a game changer. First of all, a well-developed app is a branding tool while providing value to your audience. Moreover, it increases the competitive advantage within the designated niche. With the functionality offered, it inspires trust and loyalty from your customers. Certainly, a well thought-out and practical application will completely change the functioning of your business.