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Smartphones have become an essential tool in our daily lives. It is hard to imagine how reality could look without them. Communication, shopping, entertainment - it's all available on mobile devices. We decided to check Mobile Apps Development Trends in 2024. See what the future holds for app developers.

Table of Contents:

1. Mobile apps make life easier.

2. It's time for super-apps.

3. Faster, better, safer with 5G.

4. Is this a real life? Is this a virtual reality?

5. The future is in machine learning.

6. Mobile apps for video chats.

7. Click and pay.

8. Show me your location.

9. Summary.


Mobile apps make life easier

The number of mobile users is increasing, as we wrote about in the article "How a mobile app can become a game changer?". Today's smartphone users do not only use their built-in functions. Mobile applications play a large role, making many situations in life easier. This is also an opportunity for many companies that want to reach a larger community. There is the reason why, many of them decide to develop mobile applications. In order for them to be popular, they need to follow current trends.

mobile apps

It's time for super-apps

2024 will be the time of multifunctional applications. Until now, users have been able to use tools with a single purpose. This trend is starting to reverse. There are so many apps on the market today. That's why we are more likely to start using those that offer many features. A great example is Bolt, which not only offers transport on demand through its app. It also allows you to order food, rent an electric scooter and improve your business. Apps that combine so many capabilities are super-apps. Their popularity is already visible in Asian countries. Development of them in the rest of the world in the coming year will be a real breakthrough.

Faster, better, safer with 5G

Trends in mobile app development in 2024 will depend on the development of 5G. We can see how many modern smartphones are adapting to the new network. The development of this technology will boost the connection speed of mobile devices. It will also improve the communication between them. Fast connectivity and large resources are also required for VR and AR solutions.

5g technology

The development of 5G does not only mean increased performance and speed for mobile apps. In 3G and 4G standards, data security is sometimes compromised. 5G should be the answer to the existing problem. According to experts, it will be the most secure network to date. A solution like this will also have a big impact on our daily communication. This improvement is very important, as the Covid-19 pandemic shoved.

Is this a real life? Is this a virtual reality?

The next trend in mobile applications concerns virtual reality (VR). Till recently associated with computer games. Today's VR goes beyond games. Its development can be an excellent training resource. Especially for industries such as medicine, aviation, industry. The development of mobile applications using virtual reality can be a hit in the coming year. Huge hopes have fashion businesses. Trying on clothes without going to a stationary shop would revolutionize online shopping.

virtual reality

The future is in machine learning

We deal with machine learning in mobile applications during ordinary activities. Developing this field will improve personalization and user experience. Machine learning also applies to AI. Apps will be able to better serve users if they analyse their behaviour.

Mobile App Development based on machine learning is evident in voice assistants. Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant are able to recognize voices and faces of users. In the future, these tools will be able to do even more. Among many other benefits, machine learning also enhances user security. As a result, all user data on mobile devices can be safe.

Mobile apps for video chats

On the list of Mobile App Development Trends in 2024, video chats should appear. Mobile communicators are more popular thanks to remote working. These days, they are not a facility for communicating at a distance with family. It also facilitates better work organization and the possibility of remote teaching. Video communication is also used in medicine. E-consultations are now as popular as standard visits to doctors. This form of diagnosis allows effective treatment of patients with non-life-threatening symptoms. People can thus save time waiting for clinics.

video chats

Modern video communication apps can make interaction between people even simpler. This is one of the challenges facing developers in the coming year. The last two years have shown how much demand there is for talking platforms. Both in a private and public way. That is why 2024 will provide many new solutions in this area.

Click and pay

Financial tools that enable mobile payment will also see further development. Digital wallets accounted for 21.5% of global transactions last year (retalicustomerexperience.com). Their popularity is growing with the e-commerce sector. Mobile wallets have many useful features. You can use them to buy public transport tickets or attach loyalty cards. The convenience of using a financial app wins over payments via a bank website. The fact that it only takes one click to make a transaction convinces people to install the app.

mobile payments

Show me your location

It's hard to find a person in the world who hasn't heard about the popularity of the Pokémon Go game. With this app, players can collect creatures from this iconic show. The game allows competing with other users too. This is all due to a mechanism that uses geolocation. Geolocation is not only used for smartphone games. As well, tools that measure physical activity or support delivery services have become popular. This function has great potential. We can already see how many applications use the mechanism of our location. It will not be indifferent for developers in 2024.


Mobile App Development Trends for 2024 are set to be exciting. The trends presented above show how much potential the smartphone app market has. Developers of mobile tools aim to provide the best tools for their users. How many of these projects will succeed? Will there be a breakthrough in any of these trends? We will have to wait and see. As you can see, the technological future looks promising.

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