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Discovery Phase is a deep research period that should precede every app development. During that time, all stakeholders engage and define the main app goal, the project's scope, technology stack, timeline, target audience, and other crucial factors. As a result, the app principal receives a detailed, step-by-step app development plan.

After DP, you receive a comprehensive guide about your app development.

This project roadmap will work for your success.

You see, few main factors have a real impact on the excellent workflow during app development. Communication between the software company and business owners is one of them. And you can test it precisely during the Discovery Phase process.

Let me tell you more about cooperation with one of our longtime partners. Before we signed the contract with the Cost Tracker company, we had a chance to meet their representatives face to face. We organized Design Thinking Workshops in which participated the whole development team. During the meeting, we discussed all the project details and organized a brainstorming session. Result? Great fintech app and cooperation that is still ongoing.


CostTracker - project success story


Why did our software company launch the Discovery Phase service?

Discovery Phase has one primary goal - validate whether the app idea has business potential. After over 11 years of presence on the IT market, we know one thing, the application must have a purpose and be useful for a target audience. Otherwise, the risk of failure is quite significant.

We really don't want this to happen to you and your project.

That's why even during the first call, our Business Efficiency Specialists ask  questions: What is the aim of your product? Does it solve any real problem? But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more critical questions. Believe me, not each of our potential customers can easily answer them all. Here we have a Discovery Phase to rescue. This extensive research period dispels all doubts.

Ok, so why do we care so much about your product Discovery Phase? Because it works for your success. And your app success is our success.

Why? First of all, it builds us a reputation as an expert in the IT market. Secondly, we focus on long-term partnerships that will ensure us stable earnings. So, we don't concentrate on catching new projects, releasing them into the world, and forgetting about them. Instead, we prefer to launch a great product that will thrive and develop for years.


How does the project Discovery Phase look like at Railwaymen?

Since the day we launched our new website with a dedicated subpage about the Discovery Phase service, we receive many questions about this service. As clients come to us with various resources,  we are enthusiasts of the flexible approach. We offer 3 types of Discovery Phase and fit them individually to the particular project needs. After each of those stages, you receive a real value that allows you to go smoothly through the app development process.

Discovery Phase Process at software house Railwaymen

Discovery Phase Process at software house Railwaymen


As you see, the topic is extended. That's why we prepared a free ebook that explains in details:

  • how Discovery Phase process look like in app development (based on application example),
  • types of Discovery Phase available at Railwaymen,
  • what will you learn from Discovery Phase,
  • whether every software project need Discovery Phase,
  • can you do Discovery Phase by yourself.

Fill the form below and download a free DP template!


Discovery Phase - Webinar

We would like to invite you to the free webinar "Face 2 Face with Discovery Phase: How does idea analysis improve your business?" organised by Railwaymen. The event will take place on 10 January 2022 at 16:00 (+1 UTC). We will talk about all the secrects of Discovery Phase and provide examples from our daily work. Speakers at the event will be our specialists Łukasz Młynek and Bartosz Mazurek. After the theoretical part, we invite participants to the Q&A session, during which our experts will answer any questions. Sign up today and get access to the webinar.