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The growth of the e-commerce industry in recent years has led more and more companies to invest in customized solutions. One of the biggest dilemmas when developing an e-commerce platform is the choice of the framework on which to build it. Even though Angular and Express are popular, Ruby on Rails is used in many solutions as well. What makes developers increasingly bold to develop online stores in RoR? What are the benefits of opening up to this framework? We will try to find a concise answer to these and many more questions.

Table of Contents:

1. What is Ruby on Rails good for?

2. Is Ruby on Rails good for e-commerce?

2.1. Rails framework is cost-effective.

2.2. Continuous Rails development and wide community.

2.3. Secure development as a priority.

2.4. High scalability.

3. What is Shopify?

4. Does Shopify still use Ruby on Rails?

5. Would Ruby on Rails be the best for my ecommerce app?

5.1. Example of our implementation for the e-commerce industry (The Perfect Room).

6. Discover our other solutions.


What is Ruby on Rails good for?

Before we start discussing projects using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is worth recalling its main purpose. The choice of RoR is related to the use of Ruby programming language during project work. Considering the daily activities of Railwaymen Ruby on Rails is a perfect match for all kinds of applications. Our Rails development company uses it in various projects. We develop both mobile and web applications based on this technology.

Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework which uses a Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. By using this development tool, you can easily create applications and websites without constantly typing the same lines of code. Developers answer that they choose Ruby on Rails because of the constant development of applications, the possibility of writing HTML code in scripts and the database connectivity.

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Is Ruby on Rails good for e-commerce?

There are many reasons why Ruby on Rails is chosen for e-commerce projects. While it isn't a standard solution, there are many solutions that benefit from the advantages of Rails. Here's the reasons why Ruby on Rails ecommerce platform might appeal to you.

Rails framework is cost-effective

A project's budget almost always determines its outcome. In the case of Ruby on Rails, it can be tempted to say that this framework supports saving. All because it's a free technology for individuals and companies. RoR complements well with all kinds of tools responsible for databases. As a result, you save a considerable amount of costs and can expect returns on investment. Whether your project is an ecommerce app or a classic website.

Continuous Rails development and wide community

Creating an online store or any new project using RoR is easier with faster development. The structure of this technology is adapted accordingly to make the evolution of further solutions fast and efficient. Compared to other frameworks, there is a constant growth of new features that can make your e-commerce platform more attractive. Also deserving of mention is the Rails community, which is large and eager to share experiences. It shouldn't be hard to complete any development work when such support is available.

Secure development as a priority

Every Ruby on Rails e-commerce project should be properly secured. Especially in the case of online shopping, where the user's data is given in order to deliver the goods to the designated place. With quite a number of solutions to prevent data interception, Ruby on Rails compares very well among frameworks.

High scalability

Scalability Ruby on Rails app is nothing more than an application's ability to handle a larger load. Each visitor generates multiple requests. If a large number of visitors converge on a site at the same time, the number of requests per minute can be a potential problem. In the case of Ruby on Rails e-commerce platforms, such a problem will not occur if the right architecture and deployment strategy is provided.

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What is Shopify?

Shopify is an example of a commerce platform that allows to conveniently manage your business model, and grow it accordingly. This ecommerce project was created to support commerce and influence what the future of the industry will look like. On this platform you can build and customize various online store designs. Shopify is a solution that gives you the opportunity to sell products and services in multiple channels. All it takes is a small team to develop an e-commerce website that will increase a company's existing profits by reaching new customers.

Does Shopify still use Ruby on Rails?

Shopify is also arousing interest because for many years its core has been the Ruby on Rails framework. While such a decision comes as a surprise among many, it must be admitted that Ruby on Rails has contributed greatly to the success of these powerful e-commerce tools. With the right scalability at the development stage, Shopify was able to meet all expectations on the client side. Great capabilities translated into final success. What's more, Ruby's architecture allows it to be split into modules and security gems. This was also reflected in high scalability, as it happened naturally.

Shopify faced a number of challenges when entering the market. Providing a secure infrastructure, larger sets of databases or developing APIs brought Ruby on Rails to the forefront among frameworks. For the owners of the tool, it was also convincing that Ruby on Rails allows rapid app development. All this with the most important security standards. Each Ruby on Rails e-commerce site can be developed with additional functionality without the need to hire an extensive team of developers.

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Would Ruby on Rails be the best for my ecommerce app?

Considering all the above arguments, Rails is a serious candidate for ecommerce development. This Ruby framework supports rapid development while guaranteeing stableness. If you are open to out-of-the-box solutions, which can turn out to be a real digital revolution for your business, then create an application based on this solution. We guarantee that your business model will increase its potential with Ruby on Rails.

Example of our implementation for the e-commerce industry (The Perfect Room)

Railwaymen's portfolio also includes projects involving the e-commerce industry. One such project is a web application called The Perfect Room. It is a marketplace platform for interior design via digital devices. The premise of the project is to customize the design of rooms according to individual needs through available tools. The Perfect Room is a solution that fits even the most demanding tastes.

The Perfect Room takes full advantage of the functionalities offered by Ruby on Rails. With the help of this framework, we have developed many features that support the process of arranging your own space. One of them is Style Quiz, which is a simple questionnaire that helps match collections to the user's indicated preferences. Another is the ability to purchase selected products, thanks to integration with the Stripe payment system. This is just a snippet of the possibilities offered by the described application.

The whole tool is supervised by the implemented data analytics, which allows to provide the owners with the necessary infomation on user conditions. What's more, this e-commerce platform is integrated with the Ava Tax system, thanks to which you can easily calculate tax based on the postal codes of American states.

Discover our other solutions

And if you need someone to give you the necessary support at every stage of ecommerce project development, then consider working with Railwaymen. We have a track record of many projects using the capabilities of this technology. Learn more about our client stories by visiting our Case Study section.


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