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Right now, the stable version of RoR is There are about 4200 contributors on github.com, and Ruby programming language has over 165k dedicated libraries.
Validation of the app idea is crucial to run a successful project in the long term. 
The price of app development is related to the region you will hire Ruby on Rails developers.

Table of Contents:

1. An application idea can hide anywhere.

2. Ruby on Rails, how are you?

3. How to build a quality Ruby on Rails web applications?

3.1. Validate your Rails application idea.

3.2. Get to know the Agile methodology.

3.3. Invest in MVP first.

3.4. Remember about Ruby on Rails app maintenance.

4. Cost of Ruby on Rails development services.

5. Are there any challenges according to Ruby on Rails app development?

6. What do you need to know about Ruby on Rails development? Conclusion.


An application idea can hide anywhere

Some time ago, the grandmother living in the UK felt lonely and lacked human contact for some time. She didn't have many chances of socializing with people alike.

Her grandson Marcus noticed it and thought of creating an online space where people would have the opportunity to talk to others with common interests or under similar life circumstances.

After visiting a few software companies based in Kraków (Poland), checking their standard practices and workflow, he decided to pick us.

We helped to create his idea. As a result, you can use, written in the Ruby on Rails app - Frindow.


And what about you? Do you have a solution in your mind?

If yes, you need to know more about the software development process.


In this article, you'll find out the most important information about Ruby on Rails web development.

Ruby on Rails, how are you?

Currently, our developers use the latest, stable version of RoR If you look at the list of all versions of rails, you'll notice that updates appear regularly. And it is excellent news for every app owner that has or plans to have a web application written in Ruby on Rails. Each new release brings a majority of changes, such as bug fixes, performance improvements, etc. 


Rails community is straight, for sure. There are about 4200 contributors on github.com and this number is growing. Why does it matter? As we build custom web apps solutions, developers sometimes might need a hand while finishing advanced tasks. It is a normal thing. Luckily, there are many sources to look for solutions, such as a forum, StackOverflow, Reddit or RailsConf


Have you ever heard about the gems (open-source libraries for RoR?) They are game-changers! Ruby language has over 165k dedicated libraries. Those well-tested solutions improve the coding, speed app development process and allow for cost-effectiveness.


All those factors place the Ruby on Rails full-stack framework as a stable technology. With Rails web application framework, we can create advanced, custom apps dedicated to various industries, such as FoodTech, MarTech, social networking or even construction. 


Ruby on Rails Developer

Why use Ruby on Rails framework?

How to build a quality Ruby on Rails web applications?

Building a Ruby on Rails app requires programming and UX design. That is the core of the app. But we cannot skip other factors that have a reliable impact on custom app development. Let's get familiar with all of them!

#1 Validate your Rails application idea

I assume you have a web application idea in your mind. But before starting Ruby on Rails development, you should be 100% sure that your app is needed by the target audience. Validation of the app idea is crucial, and I strongly advise you not to neglect it. 


validate web development

Why is it necessary to validate your Ruby on Rails app idea?


How to check whether your idea has business logic and potential? During a brainstorming session, it is worth thinking about whether your app will solve real problems. The next step is to perform background research and get to know your target users better. Their habits, needs, and issues are vital for successful software development.


Based on that data, we create User Personas and Users Journeys that show who and how could potentially use your app. Now it's time to analyze the competitors. Monitoring them will allow you to avoid their app development mistakes and implement the innovations working for their app.


The last step is feature brainstorming. So, which functionalities are crucial for your app and what new features might be worth of implementing? That's a big question. To start web development, it is required to separate the functions that respond to users' needs and are necessary to launch a product from those that would only be a nice addition.


Sounds overwhelming? Don't worry. You don't have to gather all that data on your own. As a Ruby on Rails software company, we offer Discovery Phase service. So, we can ensure extended research for you.


More information about DP you'll find here: Agile Discovery Phase: a Must-Have for Your Business


Thanks to app idea validation, you'll work with confidence. Furthermore, you and your RoR development team will be more goal-oriented. Overall, the chances of a successful project increase significantly.


#2 Get to know the Agile methodology

I am certain that during talking to Ruby on Rails companies, you'll come across the concept of Agile software development. What is it, and why should you care about it?


Agile Software Development aims to create Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). This process is opposite to the concept of trying to deliver the final Ruby on Rails application once near the deadline. Agile is about short cycles (called sprints) and giving business value to you in an early stage of software development. Feedback is an important part of the Agile method. After each sprint, you can share your opinion with RoR developers. 


Project management and team member

The main advantage of the Agile approach for you is the flexibility and the ability to adapt to the current market and industry situation. It allows you to quickly change the RoR development plan if it's needed. Application trends are changing fast. Software products have to respond to current users' needs. With Agile, it is 100% possible.


#3 Invest in MVP first

Working in the Ruby on Rails development company showed me that the MVP approach is the most cost & time-effective way of building mobile and web applications. MVP concept focuses on building a Minimum Viable Product instead of a big, complex application. An important thing: MVP is the minimally viable product, not the minimal product.


From point #1, you already know that describing target users and problems that the app will solve is highly important. And yes, we need that information to build an MVP. Based on that data, we can highlight app functionalities. To achieve that, our Project Managers recommend splitting potential features into 4 main categories: must have, should have, could have, won't have.


Then we can move to the Ruby on Rails development part. Then we can move to the Ruby on Rails development part.


Features for MVP and Ruby on Rails

How to select the right features for MVP and Ruby on Rails development?


To build an MVP from scratch, you will need:

What does the cooperation with the Ruby on Rails development company look like?

You will mainly contact the Project Manager, who is the link between you and Ruby on Rails development team. Task management goes through an Agile Project Management online tool - Jira. Everything is transparent.


Thanks to Jira, you will have an ongoing overview of the whole project and sprints. The Project Manager manages the duties and assigns them to the development team. You can provide feedback on each accomplished task, and approve or reject it. For daily communication, we mainly use the Slack tool.


Ruby code as a programming language

Ruby on Rails development process at Railwaymen


#4 Remember about Ruby on Rails app maintenance

MVP successfully launched? That's great! But it is not over.

Now it's time to start listening closely to what your customers say about your web Ruby on Rails app. You can do it directly or through data. Negative feedback is also valuable (or maybe even more valuable than positive) because it shows us where the project needs improvements.


Quality web app development services include not only the development process but also further improvements. Skipping app maintenance is risky. And your Ruby on Rails development company should warn you about this. I am sure you want to run a web app project in the long term. To achieve that, you will have to maintain it to ensure a bug-free experience to the target audience, proper application functioning, or increase its safety. Regular app maintenance is needed to implement innovations.

Cost of Ruby on Rails development services

From the previous paragraph, you learned that many factors impact app development. The key point is that it is a custom service, and usually, each RoR app has its own timeline and cost estimation. Yes, we treat each Ruby Rails web development project individually and propose a team of specialists that suits its requirements. For example, not every project requires UX design because sometimes our clients already have their own Designers.


Of course, I don't want to leave you with information: it depends.

So, let's focus on building an MVP from scratch. To build a web application, you'll need UX Designer, Backend & Frontend Developer, Quality Assurance Specialist and Project Manager.


At Railwaymen, we estimate that engaging such a team to build MVP will cost about $30k-$50k. And it should take about 3 months to create it.


The price of app development is related to the region you will hire Ruby on Rails developers.


broad range rails offers


And here comes another important question:

Are there any challenges according to Ruby on Rails app development?

Well, each app development process (no matter web or mobile) brings some challenges. Here's what happened to one of our partners.


Imagine that you are working as a Product Growth Manager, and you need to create 1600 app screenshots for 5 different devices and 35 languages. Sounds crazy? No, if you have a talented group of talented UX Designers or can use an app that can do it for you automatically ;)


Launchmatic is such an app, and guess what? It is written in Ruby on Rails. Tim Jones (CEO at Launchmatic) already knows that projects Ruby on Rails development can be tricky if you trust the wrong people.


What happened? 


Tim hired a web developers team that was supposed to deliver the 100% ready app. Unfortunately, after some development time, he realized that he didn't like the result.

Based on his negative experience, he could say, "It is not worth using Ruby on Rails technology to build software." but he did not. He knew that RoR was not a problem. It is a very stable, effective, regularly-updated technology. With talented developers, you can reach the top, thanks to it. 


So what happened next?


He remembered about us from the previous project that we worked on a few years ago. He was happy about the cooperation then, so he asked us to take over the development.

We took on a challenge, and we delivered a fully functioning app that you can read about in our portfolio. 


What I want to say is that RoR development services can vary among software companies. So keeping in mind that hiring a trustworthy team is crucial for the app's success, let's take a deeper dive into RoR development. 



Opinion about ruby on rails

Tim Jones opinion about our Ruby on Rails development services

What do you need to know about Ruby on Rails development? Conclusion

Ruby on Rails is a robust framework that allows building advanced web applications. As a software house, we recognize it as a well-tested, stable, safe technology for web development. That's why our website (launched in Q1 of 2021) is powered by the Ruby on Rails technology.


Who uses Ruby on Rails? There are plenty of examples. Airbnb, Shopify, Basecamp, GitHub, those big services are powered by Ruby on Rails framework. Also, in our portfolio, you'll find out many advanced projects from various industries. The significant advantage of web development with RoR is the possibility to develop a project in any direction needed.


According to Clutch.co, there are over 1500 Ruby on Rails companies that are worth paying attention to. How to choose the best RoR development service, though? Read the article:


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