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As is well known, Ruby on Rails is a free and open-source framework for app development. Its popularity is mainly due to the fact that it is currently the best-known framework of the Ruby functional programming language. However, these are not the only benefits to using Ruby on Rails. Among other advantages, don't overlook the ease of use, Rails community, the ability to create HTML code in scripts and good connection with databases. This time I will tell you what exactly a RoR stack is and what goes into it. I invite you to join me for another journey behind the scenes of Ruby on Rails.

Table of Contents:

1. Is Ruby on Rails a full stack framework?

2. Creating a Rails app may appeal to developers.

3. Why does Ruby on Rails tech stack better than other frameworks?

4. Appreciated by developers at every level.

5. Discover how Railwaymen create Ruby apps.

Is Ruby on Rails a full stack framework?

For other programming languages like PythonJavaScriptSQL or HTML, there is no way to support both front-end and back-end. This is due to the properties of each of them. In this respect, Ruby on Rails has an advantage over them, as developers can use the framework to develop a full range of modern web apps. In addition, Rails framework was developed using the MVC architecture (Model View Controller). Among the benefits mentioned by Ruby on Rails developers is the ability to use plugins that extend the application with additional features.

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Creating a Rails app may appeal to developers

Rails framework also works well for creating MVPs. It's a solution that any full stack developer will appreciate, because the creation of MVPs for any application, thanks to Rails web application framework, is fast and high quality. Worth noting is that choosing Ruby on Rails for web development is a safe option. You don't have to worry about XSS, CSRF, SQL Injection attacks. Developing a web application using a Ruby stack also means a lot of savings. The implementation of Rails projects doesn't require a lot of time from the team as in the case of other programming languages and incurring many costs.

Why does Ruby on Rails tech stack better than other frameworks?

Some full stack developers responsible for the JS programming language, for example, feel overwhelmed by the number of frameworks present for this solution. The responsibility of selecting a frontend library, choosing a backend framework or at least CSS and ORM libraries can give them a headache. Projects developed in Ruby code do not require the selection of as many tools to create a quality final product. It's hard to say definitively whether Rails is better than the other frameworks, as this is an individual issue. Nevertheless, they provide quite a few conveniences that convince programmers to become Ruby on Rails developers.

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Appreciated by developers at every level

Whether you're developing web applications or mobile applications, the RoR open source community will help you through every stage of implementation. Most companies expect products that are easy to use and use the latest technologies. Stack Ruby, in this case, provides an advantage over new languages, as it has proven itself in the realities of working on apps for many years. It's appreciated by both full stack web developers and people who only learn Ruby.

Discover how Railwaymen create Ruby apps

If you would like to see how the technology offered by Ruby on Rails framework performs in real life, please visit our Case Studies section. There you will find presentations of solutions for both smaller and larger companies that have trusted the specifics of working on applications offered by Railwaymen.


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