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Who doesn't love the smell and taste of fresh bread or delicious sweets from a pastry shop? High expectations from consumers make representatives of the bakery and confectionery industry aim to increase the quality of their services. All this to delight the customer with their products and encourage more frequent use of their offer. For this purpose they reach for various means. One of them is the digitalization of the enterprise using web and mobile applications. In this article, I will try to give a glimpse of how app development can affect the business of the two mentioned industries.

Table of Contents:

1. Delivery of products to a specified address.

2. Monitoring of available products.

3. Realization of occasional orders.

4. Loyalty programs.

5. Apps as a solution to reduce food waste.

6. Financial management of the enterprise.

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8. Railwaymen's experience in developing FoodTech applications.

Delivery of products to a specified address

Home delivery is unlikely to be directly associated with bakery or confectionery products. However, this option is becoming increasingly popular due to the desire to reach customers. For this purpose, an app may be necessary for placing orders and tracking delivery. An additional option could be payment integration, so users would be able to make payments from their mobile devices. With such an app, a delivery of fresh bread along with dessert could be waiting right after waking up.

app development for food service

Monitoring of available products

Imagine that you feel like eating a crispy croissant, but you don't know if it's still available at your local bakery. In that case, the app can serve as a presentation of the current offer. From an enterprise perspective, it's also a very interesting tool, as it allows firms to keep statistics on the sales of individual products and adjust resources according to the buying habits of customers.

Realization of occasional orders

Not everyone has culinary skills developed enough to prepare an occasional cake or pie. That's why a sizable number of pastry shops allow you to prepare such delicacies in special order. Using a special application, the customer does not have to go directly to the premises to place an order. What's more, with the help of the web or mobile app users can describe their needs in detail and personalize the product as necessary.

Loyalty programs

Many service companies are choosing to introduce loyalty programs. All this is done to mobilize their customers to use their services and at the same time encourage more frequent purchases in exchange for discounts or rewards. From their smartphone, users can keep track of available promotions and what requirements they need to meet in order to receive the mentioned discount or reward. Loyalty programs are also a way for bakeries and pastry shops to promote themselves. Such activities can help set them apart from local competition and encourage customers to buy their products.

loyalty programs

Apps as a solution to reduce food waste

When customers go to buy baked goods or various kinds of sweets, they are guided by the fact that they will acquire fresh products. That is why the offer is prepared again every day to ensure the highest quality of the items purchased. To ensure that they do not go to waste, entrepreneurs decide to reduce their prices at the end of the day. In this way, it is possible to purchase unlost food at a favorable price and prevent discarding. The role of the app can be to inform users at which establishment the food covered by the promotion is available. 

Financial management of the enterprise

Apps don't just have to be a convenience for consumers. They are also often chosen to improve the operations of local businesses. Whether it's a bakery or a pastry shop, proper management of a company's finances is very important. POS systems that are used in food service are very popular. They make it possible to process every order, as well as to prepare cyclical financial reports. These are excellent tools for monitoring the financial situation and preparing appropriate supplies. Such systems can be implemented in the form of web and mobile applications, so they can be accessed from almost any device.

food service transformation

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Railwaymen's experience in developing FoodTech applications

FoodTech application development is one of Railwaymen's areas of activity. For many years we have been developing innovative applications for representatives of various industries. Our portfolio also includes solutions developed for the food service sector. Among them are applications for ordering food for delivery, mobile POS systems, as well as tools to improve the operations of restaurant chains. You can find all the details about the progress of each application project in the Case Study tab on our website.