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New technologies, demand for web and mobile applications, functional web pages, programs to improve work in the enterprise - these factors make the programmer profession not only future-oriented, but also profitable. Do you know that the American portal CareerCast already in the year 2012, recognized it as the most future science in the world?


You can't be a good programmer, if you don't know the theory. Knowledge gained on studies is very important, but not the only one. What does it mean to be a rockstar programmer? What qualities do you need to have? Learn more.

Table of Contents:

1. Determination and focusing on goals.

2. Hardworking - Code, code and once again code.

3. Intelligence and creativity.

4. Teamwork - ability to cooperate with other developers

5. Passion for programming.

6. Business oriented connected with software development.


Determination and focusing on goals

At the first steps, everyone already understands that the programming in the 95% consists in seeking solutions. In the case of errors and gaps in the framework you have to find alternative solutions. There are always some kind of problems, and you should remember that the first solution will not always be the best and effective.

Hardworking - Code, code and once again code

Programming is not static science and never will be. Every day brings us some updates and new solutions. Every two years programming requires a lot of renovation. You will not get far, if you do not love to learn and constantly improve and improve your knowledge. Read books, ebooks, watch tutorials, YouTube videos, and then practice a lot! Programming is a never ending story. :)

Intelligence and creativity

Another feature which is the essence of programming is to understand someone else's code and write readable one. Sooner or later every programmer will have to work with someone else's code as it exists in projects and learn techniques used in it. Of course, a good programmer can understand it, but also just knows how to write his own understandable one.

Teamwork - ability to cooperate with other developers

Not every developer is an introvert. He/she should shares the knowledge, has a humility and distance to each other (which lets him regard better someone’s solution), understands needs of the communication at the joint work on the project. A well-functioning IT team is one in where all members tell each other about their problems and difficulties (because perhaps somebody already had similar and it is a possibility to resolve it faster), exchange knowledge and are able to work together for one purpose.

Passion for programming

This is one of the most important features in every job. If you adore what you are doing, it means that it causes you a great pleasure. If you care about what you are doing, it means that you will take care of in order to do it really well. If you are working with passion, namely, that pride in what you are doing doesn't let you drop something, what isn't really good. True programmers are computer geeks, spending their free time on playing computer games, creating apps or programs. Let programming be your passion!

Business oriented connected with software development

It means awareness that the program is not being created alone for itself, but for users, and its purpose is to serve their needs. Everything should be functional. The good programmer knows what he is doing and understands the IT business.

Do you have all these qualities? Are you gonna be a rockstar programmer? Check our jobs offer.