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Have you ever wondered what a Ruby on Rails Developer's job looks like behind the scenes? We decided to solve all your doubts by asking a familiar source. Through this interview, you'll get to know some of our crew better and find out what being part of Railwaymen is like.

Table of Contents:

1. What does a Ruby on Rails Developer's job look like?

2. Meet the people who make our company strong.

3. Become a part of our Railwaymen team.

What does a Ruby on Rails Developer's job look like?

It's a good moment for another part of our blog series "What you should know about...". This time our questions were directed to Piotr, one of the Ruby on Rails Developers in our company. We talked about the successes and challenges he faces while working at Railwaymen. 

- Railwaymen: How did you get interested in Ruby on Rails?

- Piotr: Since 2011 I’ve been working as a web developer - in another language, but a friend of mine showed me Ruby and RoR. Because I was tired of the previous language I gave this language a try and what we can see I stick with it for longer and for now I’m not thinking about any changes.

- Railwaymen: Why did you choose this framework for your daily work?

- Piotr: To be able to work as a Full Stack Developer you need to know this framework, so from my perspective it was a need. But the more you dive into this, the more other frameworks you need to learn, so this was just the beginning. 

- Railwaymen: What are the biggest challenges you face as a Ruby on Rails Developer?

- Piotr: Every day is a challenge when you are working not only as RoR developer, but also as developer/programmer. Every task can be challenging, every client's requests can be challenging but to be honest for me the biggest challenge is to find a way to implement all what clients want in the way that will be working as expected, which isn’t always as easy as the client thinks it is.

- Railwaymen: Frequently on the web, you may encounter the question "Is Ruby on Rails Dead?". What would you answer to these objections? 

- Piotr: Nothing is dead as long as there is a community around it, and as long as at least there is still one application written in this language.

- Railwaymen: If you had to name the biggest advantage of Rails, what would it be? 

- Piotr: For me - fast prototyping/creating MVP to be able to validate the idea of the application. 

- Railwaymen: What has working at Railwaymen brought to your skill set?

- Piotr: Working with the whole RWM Team is very developing in every aspect. Talking with other developers helps me to develop my “soft programming” skills. Talking about the problems we are facing on our projects and doing brainstorming helps to find out the best approach. But it’s not only about technical meetings. Talking about UX with our designers or tests with our testers allows us to be part of each of the company structures. We are able to know the point of view of everyone, which is making everything much easier.

- Railwaymen: Do you have any professional dreams/goals that you would like to accomplish?

- Piotr: For me every day is a chance to learn something new, a chance to grow my skills and what I’m trying to accomplish every day is to not waste this chance, to take from the current day as much as possible.

- Railwaymen: What project completed to date are you especially proud of, and why?

- Piotr: I think the Adobe InDesign Server integration for one of our clients was the most challenging task - no useful documentation, no one did it before what we did, so I’m really proud of it and from what I know this is the core functionality for this project and after adding this feature our client get more new users for his portal than before what helps him to grow his business. 

- Railwaymen: Do you have any tips for people who are taking their first steps in Ruby?

- Piotr: Probably, it’s a tip not only for new Ruby developers, but for everyone who is thinking about starting a programmer career. Don’t be afraid of asking questions if there is something you don’t know. There are no stupid questions - only the answer can be stupid if you ask the wrong person. We all don’t know a lot of things, but we are learning new things’ day by day, and we will be more than happy to share our knowledge with others as long as we know that they want to know it.

- Railwaymen: What future do you see for Ruby on Rails? Do you see a framework that could replace it with equal success?

- Piotr: There are a lot of frameworks that could be a good alternative for something that already exists, but it’s not about replacing existing ones as long as the one we are using is good enough for our needs and of course is still supported. 

Meet the people who make our company strong

Ruby on Rails Developer responsibilities at Railwaymen are an important part of working on our projects. It's a position that, as Piotr himself said, offers a lot of opportunity for growth. At the same time, the results of the tasks performed can provide a lot of satisfaction and a solid dose of motivation. RoR can be a great opening for a career as a programmer, but also serve as a framework for everyday work.

Become a part of our Railwaymen team

Are you looking for a place where you can start taking your first steps in Ruby on Rails? Visit our careers section, where we publish new job opportunities on a regular basis. Maybe you're the person we're waiting for.



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