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Choosing the right software house that not only provides a functional application but also adapts it to the market conditions is a challenge. A good company will guarantee the analysis of business processes, develop the system specification and test the created project. So, to help you make this decision, we have prepared a list of 10 reasons why you should work with Railwaymen. We hope that the criteria we have discussed will solve any doubts you may have had.

Table of Contents:

1. How to choose a software development company?

2. What encourages people to choose Railwaymen?

2.1. Long-term experience.

2.2. Knowledge of the realities in many industries.

2.3. Cooperation with companies from all over the world.

2.4. Feedback from Clutch.

2.5. Using the latest technology.

2.6. Sharing the knowledge.

2.7. Research and understand customer expectations.

2.8. Case studies of realized projects.

2.9.  Offices in Poland and the USA.

2.10.  Awards and prizes.

3. The choice is yours.



How to choose a software development company?

Before we get into Railwaymen's perks, a few things need to be cleared up. ​​However, behind the desire to create software, there is money that you have decided to spend. Cooperation with a software house should be based on mutual trust and professionalism. Before you start your search, define your goals. Consider what competencies are necessary for your project. These may include technological factors, or security issues. Think about how many people should work on the project and what will be their tasks. Estimate how much you are able to spend on the project. Your budget will determine the possibilities. Also, prepare a preliminary project schedule. Indicate the most important deadlines and give a tentative date for implementation. No matter what you choose, app development or software development, the workflow is the same.

What encourages people to choose Railwaymen?

1. Long-term experience

When choosing a partner to work with, you certainly consider experience. In the case of Railwaymen, this is as much as 12 years of market presence and more than 140 completed projects. In addition, people are the strength of our company. On our board you will find experienced specialists with many years of practice. This makes us worthy of your interest and willing to share the skills we have gained over the years.

realised projects

years of experience

2. Knowledge of the realities in many industries

We have had the opportunity to work with many clients over the years. This has resulted in gaining a broad knowledge of the realities of individual industries. In addition, we are often present at international fairs on various topics. As a result, we constantly expand our knowledge and learn more about the environments of our clients. Our portfolio includes projects for industries such as:

  • construction 
  • marketing automation
  • social
  • foodtech
  • fintech
  • entertainment
  • video
  • education
  • real estate 
  • IoT
  • Ecommerce.

If you're thinking about digitizing your business, we encourage you to download our e-book 14 Examples of Industry-Dedicated Apps that Make Running Business Much Easier in Crisis. In this e-book, we have included examples of apps that have a significant impact on running your business online.

3. Cooperation with companies from all over the world

In addition to its experience, Railwaymen boasts of working with clients from all over the world. Our services have already reached countries on 5 continents. We are not limited by distance, language barriers or cultural differences. With each partner, we are able to find a common thread of understanding. The possibility of implementing applications or software for the international community is not a problem for us. Every such situation develops us and provides new skills.


clients from all over the world


4. Feedback from Clutch

If you're considering doing business with a technology company, you'll want to be sure to read credible reviews. At Railwaymen, we pay a lot of attention to our customer satisfaction. That's why we boast positive reviews from them on our Clutch profile. We strive to ensure that our services are always of the highest standard, delivered on schedule and coinciding with previous arrangements. Thanks to this, Railwaymen has been listed among the top Polish software houses for years. We encourage you to visit our profile on Clutch and read feedback from our customers.


Railwaymen on Clutch


5. Using the latest technology

We don't want to stop there. That is why we attach great importance to using the latest technologies. We keep track of novelties and try to adapt them to our solutions. When completing a project team, we pay attention to the strengths of each employee in order to use their competencies appropriately. We try to make our solutions convenient for our customers. For this reason we choose modern technologies which are often innovative on the market.


see our modern technology


6. Sharing the knowledge

Anyone who has had the opportunity to get to know us knows that it is in our nature to share knowledge. We regularly organize Tech Talk workshops in our company, during which we exchange information from our areas of interest. In addition, we like to use the resources of our company's library to constantly improve our skills. We are not closed to exchanging experiences with people outside Railwaymen. You can often find us at industry events and trade fairs, where we are open for discussion. If you are interested in Railwaymen's activities, we also invite you to visit our website, where we regularly blog and organize webinars.


sharing knowledge


7. Research and understand customer expectations

We take an individual approach to each project. Therefore, before we start cooperation we want to get to know our clients better, their expectations and the industry in which they operate. For this reason, we organize special workshops, during which we specify the details of cooperation. We also perform the Discovery Phase of the project, which includes a thorough research and analysis of the competition. All this is done in order to avoid additional costs and not to repeat previous mistakes. On the basis of the acquired information, we are able to start the project without any obstacles.


research and analysis


8. Case studies of realized projects

After project realization and receiving approval from our client, we create a Case Study on our website showing the course of the project. It is a kind of compendium of knowledge for people considering the purchase of an application or software. Each Case Study contains a detailed description of particular stages. Moreover, we include statements of employees who had a chance to work on a given project. After getting acquainted with these materials, you can avoid potential obstacles during the realization of your idea.




9. Offices in Poland and the USA

We are happy to work with clients from all over the world. With offices in Cracow and San Francisco, we have no problem communicating with our partners. The locations in two such remote places help us to reach customers from Australia, the GCC region or Scandinavia. We hope to continue expanding our reach while providing modern solutions to our customers.


10. Awards and prizes

We do everything to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with our services and realizations. Confirmation of our efforts are awards and honors that we have received so far. We have been awarded the title of Leaders & Top 10 Ruby on Rails Developers 2018, and we are also one of the Top-Performing Development Companies in Poland for 2021. We do not intend to slow down in our daily work. Furthermore, we hope that the trust we receive from our partners will only grow in the coming years.

railwaymen awards

The choice is yours

As you can see, the choice of software house to cooperate with can be based on many factors. Everything depends on individual customer preferences. Before you make a decision about cooperation, analyze all the most important aspects for you. Choose partners with whom you will establish a suitable thread of communication and who will realize your idea properly. You are also welcome to contact us. We will gladly answer your questions and suggest possible solutions.

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