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For years you have been gaining new clients for your business by going to the events, buying ads in the traditional and digital media or cold-mailing & cold-calling your carefully selected prospects. Yet, something drastically changed lately.


Content Marketing Strategy-1


The events have become very expensive and filled with "gadgets tourists", so you've stopped gaining as many clients through them as before. Traditional media has lost their reach, without lowering their advertising prices and the digital ones (including AdWords) have become so expensive, that only companies with very big marketing budgets can afford them without hesitation Cold-mailing & cold calling? That still works but definitely not as fast as before, because now - the clients buying process is much longer. Especially in the B2B industry. So you might think, that you are doomed - but not necessary!

Let me help you by introducing you to one part of the marketing, that you might not be as familiar with yet: and that's content marketing.

Table of Contents:

1. Why Blog Articles & Content Marketing Strategy Are So Important in B2B?

2. The results?

Why Blog Articles & Content Marketing Strategy Are So Important in B2B?


Writing blog articles & building your whole content marketing strategy looks completely different nowadays, than even 2 years ago. The tools that support the writing process evolved greatly and the Google alghoritm constant changes keeps every Content Marketing Specialist at alert. Yeah, it's much more complex but at the same time - very rewarding, as not many companies does content marketing well. Most of them just publish random content on their blog, without the prior SEO research or studying, whether their target audience even WANT to read about that topis.

I've noticed, that especially in the B2B industry there is still lots of confusion about how blog articles can bring some new clients to their business. I've decided to change that, as I've been pursuing content for quite some time in Railwaymen and started to notice first results pretty fast. So first of all, I wanted to share this knowledge with my colleagues and explain to them (using as many real-life data and examples as I could!) the importance of blog articles in our software house general content marketing strategy.


The results?

On April - May 2020 we've published 16 app development articles, raising our blog traffic twice and our SEO traffic by 120 %! This wouldn't happen if not the video below that explained and encouraged my technical team mates, that writing something is truly beneficial to us all. 

See the video (ENG subtitles are available in the options) below and unleash the potential of content marketing strategy in your organisation!