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Imagine the situation when you signed the contract and started the app development. After a few weeks, your PM announces that the crucial feature will require more coding work, so you'll have to spend more money on the project. Sounds terrible, isn’t it? 

Of course, it is highly unprofessional, but it can happen if you'll base on incorrect cost estimation.

Some software houses ensure to deliver cost estimation within a few hours or even one day. It may seem that the sooner, the better. Well, not exactly. Be careful of those offers. The risk of an incorrect cost estimate is quite high in that case. You see, they can send you an estimate based on the general outline of the project. And it is not the worst scenario because they even can send you an estimate template that they send to most of their queries. 

Each app development project is different and requires an individual approach. How long can the preparation of the app development cost estimate take? 


At Railwaymen, preparation of cost estimation usually takes about 72h. The whole estimation process may last from 48 hours up to several days.


It depends on the project's scope and other crucial factors like, for example, the technology planned to be used. Furthermore, our specialists, like the Project Manager, Developer, UX/UI Designer, QA Specialist, or Business Analyst, are also engaged in the cost estimation process.They look carefully at project requirements and calculate how many Man Days they will need to finish their part of the job. As you can see, there is no guesswork. We're basing our estimations on accurate data.





Yes, you can receive a cost estimation within 24h. Unfortunately, the risk that it will be incorrect/incomplete cost estimation is relatively high. Cost estimation for application development is really quite a complex process that takes a few steps. Creating reliable cost and timeline estimation needs time. And the more advanced the app project is, the more time we’ll need to prepare cost estimation. 

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