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The feeling of security follows every human being from the moment of birth. We secure homes, cars, savings and many things that are important to us. But, the world is evolving and with it comes more reasons for our caution. One of them is online activity, which is tested in many ways every year.

Table of Contents:

1. What exactly is cybersecurity?

2. How to take care of your privacy in 2023?

2.1. Start with your home network.

2.2. Remember about your smartphone.

2.3. Be careful when using the public network.

2.4.  Create regular backups.

2.5. Don't share your personal data.

3. Be careful and pay attention to online dangers.

What exactly is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity handles protecting devices and systems that have access to the Internet. The measures prevent unauthorised access to the stored data. With good cybersecurity, you will be protected from attacks that could harm your data and the devices that collect it. The importance of data security increases every year. Today, technology is not only smartphones. We use tablets, activity trackers, and even smart refrigerators. Each of these uses your home Wi-Fi network which creates threats to your security. Also, mobile apps are asking for access to your personal information.


what is cybersecurity

How to take care of your privacy in 2023?

Does this mean you should give up all these things? Of course not, but you need to be aware of how to protect yourself online. There are many ways that can positively affect your online experience. That's why it's a good idea to follow some tips that will help you avoid security issues on a daily basis.

1. Start with your home network

Just as we mentioned about protecting your home, it's also a good idea to take care of your digital security. Especially during pandemic, you use home Wi-Fi for remote work or banking transactions. Such activities need proper protection to prevent sensitive data from getting to the wrong people. So update your software regularly. Set a long password containing different letter sizes, numbers and special characters. Choose the applications you download responsibly. And above all, make sure you have tested programs to protect your device.

cybersecurity in public

2. Remember about your smartphone

Some time ago we wrote about Mobile Apps Development Trends in 2023. Among trends we highlighted mobile payments and the growing importance of location. These are other areas that we should keep an eye on. Pay attention to apps coming from an untrusted source. Check before downloading what kind of access the app is asking you for. Watch out for scammers who access your payment card. Avoid giving your location if you think it is not necessary. Smartphone is your daily tool, and it is worth taking care of.

3. Be careful when using the public network

Using public networks without having a virtual private network (VPN) is risky. With a VPN, your traffic between your device and the server is properly encrypted. This makes it more difficult to intercept your data. If you are in a public space then it is better to use the internet package offered by your operator. If you use public devices remember to log out of your accounts. Also do not leave any saved passwords behind.

cybersecurity in the public network

4.Create regular backups

Backups are often underestimated by users. While backups can help you restore data in case you become a victim of software attacks. Due to this, you should make regular copies of your data and keep them on both local and external drives. An extra safeguard is to store the necessary data in the cloud. Having such security in case of an attack, you can wipe your systems and restore data from the last backup.

5. Don't share your personal data

The information that allows a person to be identified and locate is often used in fraud. This includes not only our name, but also our home address, phone number or date of birth. The mine of data is social media. It is on them that we most often share our lives with the world. Current users of such portals should be especially careful and show a minimum of information about themselves. This will help to avoid many unpleasant consequences.

Be careful and pay attention to online dangers

These are only a few tips to help you stay safe online. Just as you take care to secure your home, you should also think about your virtual space. Following the rules above will help you avoid many risks. It's a good idea to stay up to date on cybersecurity and adapt to the changes that occur. By doing this, you will reduce unnecessary stress on yourself.


Images: Saksham Choudhary, Miguel Á. Padriñán, Stefan Coders, Daria Shevstova / pexels.com