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According to public opinion research Gallup institute, up to 63% of employees worldwide are engaged in their work, and 23% of employees are not involved in the tasks. Managers of course want the employees that like their job and are fully involved, how to achieve it?

Table of Contents:

1. Crisis of the engagement.

2.How to apply gamification in the company?

Crisis of the engagement

Existing methods of developing the team's engagement development appear to be old to changing market conditions and demographics. Good solution seems to be gamification - the use of well-known games mechanisms to change people's behavior in a context different than game.

How to apply gamification in the company?

  • Define business goals;
  • Meet your employees;
  • Determine their current behavior;
  • Design a behavioral change;
  • Test and make the changes!

Gamification can be used to increase the efficiency of human resource management processes at any stage of the life cycle of an employee in the company and for employees at any level in the organization. The application of gamification can also help in conducting pre-selection, especially if it is important to involve the candidates in the initial stages of recruitment. The longer the process is, the higher the costs of implementing new employee. With gamification it can be much more shorter.

In our company, during working on many projects eg. apps for mobile iOS system, we still need to hire new mobile developers and engineers. Gamification is a good solution to make the process of hiring very effective. It is as a deliberate change in behavior of employees, using the mechanisms of the games eg mobile or computer games, is not a novelty or an experiment. It is a proven way to increase the efficiency of HR management processes in particular recruitment and motivation of employees.