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Choosing the right partnership depends not only on the predisposition of the project team, but also on sales skills. In case of app development with the participation of a software house, several factors are crucial. Among them are implementation time, cost, solutions used or technical support. So how to distinguish a real valuation from an attempt to attract a buyer by using sales tricks? With my help you will find the answer to this question and learn what to look for when considering offers of cooperation.

Table of Contents:

1. Look before you leap.

1.1. Determine your investment budget and lead time.

1.2. Know your business needs and market realities.

1.3. Pay attention to technology capabilities.

1.4. Check out the company's reviews and previous projects.

1.5. Compare the available offers.

1.6. Find out who will be on the project group.

2. Are you still looking for the right project valuation? Check out Railwaymen's offer.


Look before you leap

Clarify your capabilities before investing in digital transformation. Many companies are outdoing themselves with low costs. These types of offers are not always beneficial from the customer's perspective. Such short-sightedness may contribute to the fact that the cost of the project with further revisions will exceed the expenses presented in the correctly estimated valuation. Additionally, not everything that is cheap is of good quality. Therefore, choose a software house that has appropriate qualifications confirmed by certification. You will avoid unnecessary stress and have a confirmation of high competence of the project team.

determine your budget

Determine your investment budget and lead time

For that reason the first step that should be taken is to determine the specific budget that you are able to allocate for the investment. Apps and complex websites require having appropriate financial resources. This is realized primarily by representatives of small businesses, for whom even the tiniest expense matters. Keeping to a set budget allows you to control expenses and avoid financial problems in your organization.

Another of the options you need to consider when choosing an IT service provider is time. A good business tool can't be done in 24 hours. Before you start cooperation, set realistic deadlines with the partner. Place each stage of the project in the timeframe. In this way you will limit delays in project execution and systematize work. Many managers expect results right now. However, if you want your application to be bug-free and look like it should, rushing can be a bad advisor.

Know your business needs and market realities

If you are considering creating a solution for your business to improve its operations, first get to know its real needs. The right offer is not the one that gives you a bunch of unnecessary features. Choose service providers who offer tools based on personalisation. For example, if you have an online store, you would certainly like to have a data analytics tool. Thanks to it, you would not only have your business finances under control, but at the same time you would know which products sell best.

A good estimate should take into account the market condition. For many companies, competitors are like participants in a race. In order to win this race you have to make every effort to keep your business at the highest level. Equally important is understanding customer expectations. By providing an innovative solution in the market that impacts the user experience you can impact your success.

It might be worthwhile in such cases to schedule a joint workshop with a software house or to choose Discovery Phase. Such steps allow you to take a common course of action, understand better the needs of the business and learn about the competition based on data and analysis. From a business point of view, you will keep your cash in your wallet, which you could spend on additional costs resulting from not knowing the realities of the market. ​​A warning sign for you should be software house valuations, which present a budget after a brief insight into the project. It is a sign of a not very professional approach to a potential implementation.

project valuation

Pay attention to technology capabilities

Although on the surface it may seem that a wide range of technologies in which a software house works may be considered an asset, it isn't always true. Especially when we are dealing with a company whose team isn't very big. Creating software in many technologies with small human resources makes it easy for uncertainty to appear among programmers. It is better to focus on companies whose technologies you are familiar with. Then you will have a better understanding of individual processes, which will also affect the efficiency of joint work.

Check out the company's reviews and previous projects

The previously mentioned uncertainty may also occur for you when you consider a company's offer without knowing their past solutions. Before you commission your investment, check customer reviews on Clutch and read case studies of completed projects. You may find projects in your industry that become an inspiration and allow you to add enhanced functionality to your solution.

Compare the available offers

Before you choose a partner for further cooperation, estimate which of the offers given to you looks best according to your criteria. Software development companies usually price their services based on an hourly rate. It's worth noting how much time it will take them to complete the task and multiply the hourly rate by the estimated time. When analyzing potential costs, keep in mind the balance between price and quality so that you are not negatively surprised by the later outcome.

project group

Find out who will be on the project group

Learn more about the people you will be working with before you accept a particular offer. Also have an understanding of the market regarding the current value of particular services. Proper distribution of responsibilities and selection of people allows you to achieve your goals efficiently. Find out who among the project managers will be responsible for your project, how many developers will be involved, and whether you will have a software tester at your disposal. All this to make sure you know who you are working with and who will be responsible for the outcome of your project.

Are you still looking for the right project valuation? Check out Railwaymen's offer

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