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The year 2022 is extremely busy for our company in terms of trips to various industry events. This time our sixth stop will be Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Horeca event, which will be held November 22-24, 2022 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center (RICEC). As in the case of the last fair in Stuttgart (südback 2022), our delegates will share Railwaymen's experience in projects completed for the food service industry.

Table of Contents:

1. Saudi Horeca 2022 - a unique event for hospitality members.

2. Meet Railwaymen team among event participants.

2.1 Set up an one-on-one meeting with a Railwaymen representative.

2.2. Explore the individual stories of our projects.


Saudi Horeca 2022 - a unique event for hospitality members

Saudi Horeca is the most important event dedicated to the hospitality sector, which has a tradition of several decades. Each year, representatives of hospitality, food service and beverage companies gather at the fair to share modern solutions to grow the business. This time as well, Riyadh will become the capital of innovation for a few days. It is the perfect moment to get acquainted with revolutionary ideas that can drive business and bring many benefits.

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Meet Railwaymen team among event participants

During Saudi Horeca, organizers provide numerous workshops, culinary demonstrations and various activities to engage the event community. It is also a great opportunity for international companies such as Railwaymen to make their presence felt and inspire the assembled entrepreneurs to learn more about the opportunities they offer. We will be happy to share with interested attendees the results of our past projects for Shawarmer and Alamar clients. Also, we will discuss the food delivery applications we have developed, as well as POS systems that work well for restaurant chains.

saudi horeca show

The trade show is also an opportunity to share common experiences and draw inspiration. For this reason, we cordially invite you on behalf of our specialists who will go to Saudi Horeca to sign up for a free individual meeting. During it, we will take a closer look at your business and suggest potential solutions that can take it to the next level.

Set up an one-on-one meeting with a Railwaymen representative

Choose the date that suits you and fill out our registration form to meet during the upcoming festival for the hospitality industry. We'll help you drive the digital transformation of your business, and offer solutions that will positively impact your competitiveness. 


Book a meeting with Railwaymen during Saudi Horeca 2022


Explore the individual stories of our projects

And after completing the application form, we encourage you to read the Case Study of our applications, which are an integral part of enterprises not only food service, but also many other areas of life. See you at Saudi Horeca 2022. Learn more about our customer stories by visiting our Case Study section.


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