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Openness to trends in the hospitality industry is embedded in its nature. Horeca is a field that requires constant change to constantly fit in with customer expectations. That's why I decided to prepare an article that will answer questions about which Horeca trends will influence the future. In addition, I will present Railwaymen's solutions created with this industry in mind, which can particularly facilitate the operation of its representatives.

Table of Contents:

1. What is Horeca and what does it include?

2. Transformation of the hospitality sector due to Covid 19.

3. What are the modern Horeca trends?

3.1. Opening up to take-away orders.

3.2. Popularization of Ghost kitchen locations.

3.3. Digitalization of the company.

4. Railwaymen supports Horeca companies with custom applications.

4.1. Shawarmer.

4.2. Alamar.

4.3. POS System for NDA client.

5. Meet Railwaymen representatives at Saudi Horeca 2022 trade show.

What is Horeca and what does it include?

Before I go on to list all the trends I will further discuss what exactly Horeca is. It's a term derived from the hospitality sector, which encompasses both hotel and restaurant operations. It includes suppliers, staff, hoteliers, chefs and any other profession that is related to the services described. Horeca makes it possible to increase the value of goods by providing additional activities around them such as service, delivery and logistics.

Transformation of the hospitality sector due to Covid 19

A turning point for the entire Horeca area was the year 2020 and the events related to the Covid 19 pandemic. The situation that arose meant that existing patterns had to change. The ability to manage the crisis and adapt to the new reality became an undeniable challenge. The Horeca business and especially the catering business required transformations from entrepreneurs, which in quite a few cases determined the continued ability to provide food services.

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What are the modern Horeca trends?

Opening up to take-away orders

The first and certainly most important trend in the hospitality sector was to open up to take-out orders. In the case of hotels, attention was paid to ensuring that meals and drinks ordered by customers were served directly to guest rooms. In contrast, the option of home delivery proved to be crucial in the case of restaurants. For some business members, it was necessary to redefine the existing business model and adapt new, previously untested solutions. And although the restaurant's existing business is slowly returning to normal, the frequency of home delivery remains unchanged.

Popularization of Ghost kitchen locations

With the popularization of home food suppliers, a trend has emerged in the form of ghost kitchen. Restaurants have previously prepared all meals exclusively at their location. However, the rise in interest in take-out food has led some to embrace the new concept. Ghost kitchens are nothing more than establishments whose business is limited solely to preparing food for delivery. By investing in an additional location, the cooks who cook meals for restaurant guests are relieved of their duties. As a result, turnaround time and quality of service are improved. Ghost kitchen in terms of business also makes it possible to maximize revenue without any compromise on user experience.

Digitalization of the company

Another trend in hospitality services is digitalization. Today's customers are generations for whom mobile devices are essential tools for daily functioning. That's why the presence of personalized apps is increasingly common in both hospitality and food service. They help in the case of order processing, management of premises, staff and resources, and are great tools for controlling costs. This is a trend that is sure to grow in strength in the years to come.


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Railwaymen supports Horeca companies with custom applications

The above trends must have a properly coordinated process in order to produce adequate results in the company's daily operations. Therefore, dedicated tools are used, whose role is to respond to the current needs of companies. Provider of such solutions is Railwaymen, which offers high-quality mobile and web applications tailored to the specifics of the company and the industry in which it is located. Our experience includes the hospitality sector, for whose representatives we have had the opportunity to implement projects. Here are the results of our joint work.


Shawarmer is a project we created for a company in the GCC Region. Its main idea was to develop a bilingual application supported on iOS and Android, which would enable efficient ordering of food with home delivery. The strength of this implementation is the clear layout of the app, which allows the user to conveniently navigate through the app's functionalities. Shawarmer is also a useful analytical tool for restaurants, which illustrates individual user transactions and collects data on orders. The application successfully controls the meal ordering process and supports the management of dozens of applications across the GCC.


Alamar is a project for a leading operator of quick service restaurants located in Saudi Arabia, North Africa and Pakistan. The company, which represents such brands as Dunkin' Donuts and Domino's Pizza, decided to entrust us with the development of eWallet inside its application. The result is a solution that positively impacts the ordering process for restaurant customers. This is confirmed by the feedback so far, which makes us optimistic for the future.

POS System for NDA client

As Railwaymen, we know how important a role POS systems play in food service chains. Therefore, we were happy to take on the task of creating such a tool for one of our clients. Unfortunately, due to a signed confidentiality agreement, we cannot reveal too many details about our client. However, the solution we developed fits all the needs of a modern restaurant. It is a comprehensive tool that monitors all orders, supports logistics processes and facilitates management. Our proprietary POS system is also an excellent financial analysis sprinkled with a variety of reports supporting the company's daily operations.


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Meet Railwaymen representatives at Saudi Horeca 2022 trade show

As you can see Railwaymen has had a lot of exposure to projects for the Horeca industry in its past activities. Knowledge combined with years of experience have translated into the success of the projects implemented many times. As a company, we want to be part of the changes taking place in the hospitality sector and respond to current trends.

That's why we cordially invite you to the upcoming Saudi Horeca 2022, which will be held November 22-24 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre (RICEC). This is one of the largest events dedicated to industries under hospitality. It's also a great opportunity to look at the future of your business. For this reason, we encourage you to make an appointment with Railwaymen representatives for a free individual consultation, during which we will listen to the realities of your business and try to offer our proprietary solutions. Choose a date convenient for you and sign up today for this special event.

Book a meeting with Railwaymen during Saudi Horeca 2022